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Rafi Abergel

Infrastructure Analyst

Beth Buck

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Zack Cook

Service Desk Analyst

Laura deFreitas

Assistant Director and HR Partner

John DiMarc

Applications Programmer

Neil Donovan

Paint/Carpentry/General Shops Manager

Holly Durham

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Finance

Doug Flowers

IT Manager – Systems and Operations

Pete Fraccaroli

Director of Facilities and Business Operations

Pete Fraccaroli

Director of Facilities Planning and Management

Justin Hammond

Director, Marketing and Communications

Justine Hollingshead

Chief of Staff and Assistant Vice Chancellor

Maria Limmen

Student Health Services

Kaity Matthews

IT Manager – Service Desk Manager

Nicole Peterson

Executive Director of Development

Scott Scherer

Assistant Director for Planning and Management

Mark Sorrell

Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC Manager

John Starbuck

Marketing Web Development

Unfilled Vacancy

Assistant Director

Unfilled Vacancy

Web Developer I

Unfilled Vacancy

Service Desk Analyst

Mike Velez

IT Manager – Project Manager

Josh Williams

Web Applications Developer

Lisa Zapata

Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, Division of Academic and Student Affairs