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University Purchase Card is used for a Personal Expense

Using the Pcard for personal purchases is a violation of program policy and is considered a serious offense.  Repeat violations will result in revoking card privileges and could lead to disciplinary action.  Refer to University Policies, Regulations and Rules (PRR)

The cardholder must immediately reimburse their department for the personal charge made with the Pcard:

  • Upload either the original receipt or the missing receipt form to this charge
  • Upload a memo signed by the cardholder and the department head explaining what happened and how this will be prevented in the future
  • Choose “Other” as your valid business purpose from the drop down menu
  • Type into the comments box, “Personal Expense charged to University p-card in error. University will be reimbursed.”
  • Match your receipt to the charge once the charge posts
  • Reimburse this amount back to the University by writing a personal check to North Carolina State University. This check should be given to your bookkeeper to deposit using your normal deposit procedures.  (This will be deposited back to the same project id and account number that the original charge was reconciled to)    ** After this charge is reconciled and posts to Wolf Reports you will print out this Wolf Report to attach to your deposit
  • After this reimbursement posts you will upload a copy of the Wolf Report to the charge showing this reimbursement

The P-Card Reconciler / Bookkeeper will need to:

  • Reconcile this charge to a valid project id number and account number 52900 miscellaneous expense
  • Deposit the p-card holder’s check using your normal deposit procedures attaching a copy of the Wolf Report showing the p-card charge with this deposit
  • Assist your p-card holder to upload a copy of the Wolf Report showing this reimbursement after it posts