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Hiring a Temporary Non Student Worker

All openings, other than those filled by student workers, must be posted for at least five days.

  • To post a temporary position, submit posting information to your DASA HR partner. Postings must include primary job duties, work hours, qualifications, and anticipated length of the assignment. Pay rates should be discussed when finalizing the posting and funding sources must also be specified.
  • Candidates must apply through PeopleAdmin (
  • Only candidates who meet all minimum qualifications can be interviewed.
  • When interviews are done and you have selected a finalist candidate, submit hiring proposal information to your DASA HR partner. Be sure to include:
    • Name
    • Requested Start Date
    • Rate of Pay  (must be within advertised range)
    • Reference check information – must contact two references and provide the name of the person, title, and company.
    • Finalist candidates must meet all minimum qualifications as listed in the job posting.
  • Once the hiring proposal has been approved you will be notified to extend the offer.
    • when the offer is accepted notify your HR partner and confirm the salary and start date.
    • the candidate will be sent a background check link via email. Please note – background checks can take up to two weeks but in many cases are completed in a shorter time frame.
    • You will be notified when the background check has cleared and the hire action is complete.
    • Onboarding Center will contact the new employee requesting an appointment to complete I-9, direct deposit, campus ID, etc.
  • Any proposed changes to a temporary appointment (FTE/work hours, job duties, appointment length, pay) should be reviewed with your DASA HR partner. All changes must be reviewed and approved in advance.
  • Important Reminder:  Temporary employees must take a 32-day break, typically following 11 months of employment. Temporary employees may begin work on day 33…and no earlier…provided the background check is endorsed. Temporary employees should not begin work until the HR partner provides the hiring supervisor with authorization. Reappointments will need to be requested using the non-student temporary hire form listed below.