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DASA Connect

Employees are more successful and satisfied in their work when they feel a sense of belonging and connection within their work environment and with their co-workers. Towards that end, the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) has developed the DASA Connect program. The goals of this program include:

  • Foster a shared understanding of division mission and values.
  • Provide a robust on-boarding model for new employees that prepares, orients, integrates, and otherwise ensures that DSA employees are ready to excel in their new positions.
  • Extend opportunities for employees to contribute beyond their normal departmental duties through a variety of division activities, committees and efforts.
  • Proactively encourage the development of meaningful connections between employees from across the division, which in turn enhances each employees knowledge of other departments in the division and informs their work.
  • Ensure smooth transitions for those employees transferring to other departments (either within DASA or outside DASA to other departments at the university) and off-boarding for those separating from the university.

New DASA employees will receive an invitation from DASA Human Resources for the DASA Connect class, which is currently held in March and September of each year.

More information and resources are on the way!