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Depositing Checks/Cash

Cash or checks received by departments need to be brought to the Finance Office for processing and deposit. This should be done within one (1) business day of receipt.  The DASA Finance office is located in Park Shops, Suite 101.

  • Be sure all checks are filled out correctly and completely.  This includes :
    • They are made payable to NC State
    • The date is current
    • The amount is correct and the same in both locations.
    • There is an approved rate & charge on file for the purpose of the check
    • This is signed by the account holder
  • Depositing the check:
    • DO NOT write anything on the back of the check such as “For Deposit Only”
    • Complete a Finance Office Deposit Ticket (you can request a supply of these from the Finance Office)
    • Attach any additional documentation that is needed.   If you are depositing multiple checks then you would need to attach a list of the checks and the payee for each one.
      •  For instance, if you have cash and checks from students for a student trip (and you have an approved rate and charge on file for the trip) you would need to include a list of the students and the amount each paid with either “check” or “cash” written next to each one.
      • If you have one check but it includes payment for multiple items you would need to attach documentation of what it includes.
    • Bring both the deposit ticket, the backup documentation and the cash/checks to the Finance Office for processing.
  • For deposits into “6” projects please contact the DASA Development Office