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Get Help

Contact DASA Tech at for any technical issues, including:

  • Help with your computer, network connection, Google apps, website, MS Office
  • Help with telephones and voicemail
  • Help with special applications
  • Help with computer labs, classrooms, conference rooms
  • SAR actions
  • Equipment purchases
  • Employee on- and offboarding
  • Project requests
  • Anything else not listed on this page

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • A descriptive subject line
  • What is not working properly
  • What you have already tried to fix the problem
  • Your availability for Tech staff to stop by your work area
  • Status information:
    • Critical (ex: RecTrac is Completely Down!)
    • High (ex: Email Not Working)
    • Normal (ex: Can’t Print, Need More File Space)
    • Low (ex: Project Request, Learn More about Google Filters)

If Email or Network is Down

  • Contact your local tech support via phone
  • When possible, please also send the information to, which ensures our Service Desk will get the information as well. You can have a colleague send the information, or use your mobile device.

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