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Completing a Travel Authorization

*A quick 10-minute training on How to Enter a Travel Authorization

A Travel Authorization (TA) is an estimate of expenses to be incurred while “in travel status” and it must be completed and approved prior to the start of all business travel. It is required for all overnight travel and, while not required for day trips, it is advisable to complete one so there is a record of the travel with the supervisor’s approval.  A TA can be entered up to a year in advance but should be entered no less than one week before the departure date.

To start the process log into MyPack Portal and navigate to the Travel Authorization page:

MyPack Portal > Main Menu > Financial System > Travel > Travel Center.

If this is your first time entering a travel authorization for yourself you will need to complete your “Travel Profile” by entering your default project ID. If you are unsure of what your default project ID is check with your supervisor or department bookkeeper.

Once you have entered the default project ID you can begin to enter your travel authorization.

  • Click on “Create Authorization” in the “New Authorizations” section of your Travel Center page.

Your name, department, and supervisor ID will automatically populate on the top left-hand side of the screen. Make sure the Supervisor ID is correct, as your supervisor needs to approve your travel. If it is not correct you can change it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and getting a list of all applicable supervisors to choose from.

  • Travel Type – defaults to “Individual”. However, you can click on the magnifying glass icon to get other options – Blanket, Mileage Only, or Team/Group ( If choosing Team/Group travel, contact the Business Office for assistance before submitting this Travel Authorization).
  • Enter the begin and end dates and times of your travel
  • Enter a purpose – Name of the conference (please use full organization name, not an acronym) or event you are attending, etc.
  • Choose a category of travel
  • Fill in the city and state of your travel destination
  • Choose the answer to the question “Will this trip include any personal travel”  (If your answer is Yes, be sure to review the Personal Travel page for more information).
  • Some things to Include in the “Comments” section:
    • If you are processing this TA less than five business days prior to the start of the trip note the reason for the late submission.
    • If you are using an NC State vehicle, note it here.
    • If you are not going to have lodging on your TA because you are staying with family/friends or sharing a room with someone else and they will be claiming the lodging on their travel authorization or if someone else will be driving and claiming a mileage reimbursement note that here.
    • If your airfare is being paid for by someone else (not on your purchase card), note that here.
    • If the TA is for group travel and the roster is not available yet, note that here.  Remember – you will need to upload a roster when it is finalized.
  • Transportation – include your estimated cost for airfare, mileage (if you are using your own vehicle), rental car, parking, baggage fees, etc. There are more options than the four you can see (Mileage, Airfare/Taxes, Baggage/Other Fees, Parking). Click on the triangle in any of the boxes to get more options such as Rental Vehicle, Taxi, Tolls, etc.
    • If you will be traveling with another employee and that employee will be putting the transportation expense for both of you on their TA/TR include a note in the comments section – Traveling with Bob Smith – transportation expenses are on his TA.
  • Lodging – include the estimated amount of your lodging and any other lodging-related costs you can foresee. NOTE: The use of non-commercial lodging establishments (Airbnb, VRBO) must be approved PRIOR to departure.
    • If you will be sharing a room with another employee and they will be paying for it with their Pcard include a note in the comments section – Sharing a room with Jane Doe and she will be paying for the room on her Pcard. 
    • If you will be staying with friends and the university will not be paying for your lodging note that here.
  • Conference Fees & Meals – Include registration/conference/workshop fees here.  Your meal per Diem has also been calculated based on your trip dates and times so an amount is already in the box. Click on the calculator icon to see a breakdown by day and meal. Exclude any meals that will be included with your conference fees or your lodging. (you can still be paid per Diem for breakfast if the hotel or conference provides a “continental” breakfast but you must exclude the breakfast per Diem if a full breakfast is included in your lodging or conference fee). Unless you exclude all meals you will need to upload a copy of the conference agenda (see Section 3 – Document Upload).

Note – You need to include all trip expenses whether you are paying them with a Pcard or you will require reimbursement (mileage, tips, and meals). When you return from your trip be sure to upload your Pcard receipts, choose the TA number, and match the receipts to the charge in the Purchase Card System prior to processing your reimbursement. Then when you process your Travel Reimbursement these Pcard charges will automatically “pull into”  the Travel Reimbursement and you won’t need to enter each one.

Upload the conference agenda if one is available when completing your Travel Authorization. If one is not available yet, note in the “Comments” box that you will upload it when your process your Travel Reimbursement. You cannot receive a meal per Diem if a conference agenda – showing each day’s schedule – is not included in the Travel Reimbursement.

If for some reason this travel should be charged against a different project than your default project you would make that change here.

  • Once you have completed all sections you will save and then Submit for Approval. The TA will then be routed to the Business Office and your Supervisor for Approval.  If any information is missing then the Business Office will “deny” the TA and it will be returned to you with notes on what needs to be added/adjusted before resubmitting.
  • If you have any questions while completing your Travel Authorization please call the Business Office for assistance.