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Accounts Payable and Purchasing

Buying Guide

As a best practice, every effort should be made to buy supplies from the MarketPlace first. When items are not available through the MarketPlace, cardholders should then refer to existing contracts to obtain their good or service at the best price available. Goods and services should be purchased from the MarketPlace first and then from contracted vendors unless better pricing can be documented. 

Below is a list of contracts available for use when your item is not available via the MarketPlace:

State Term ContractsConsult First, includes but not limited to: Vehicles, Furniture, Lab SuppliesDivision of Purchase and Contract
National Consortium ContractsConsult Second, includes but not limited to: Office Supplies, Equipment Rental FoodU.S. CommunitiesE&ISourcewell
NC State University Convenience ContractsConsult Third, includes but not limited to: Audio Visual Items Promotional Items Transcription and Captioning ServicesAudio VisualPromotional ItemsTranscription/Captioning Services
Rental Equipment & Services
UNC System Office Combine Purchasing Initiative (CPI)Computer HardwareCPI Computer Purchase Requirements

Below are links to instructions for the most common Accounts Payable and Purchasing transactions. If you can’t find the answer to your question contact your unit’s DASA Finance Partner for assistance.