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Recruitment Information for Managers

DASA HR can assist you by providing strategic human resources consultation and services in the following areas:

Please contact your DASA HR Partner for more information.

To hire Temporary Non-Student employees, please use the following guidelines:

All openings, other than those filled by Student Workers, must be posted for at least five days.

  • Candidates must apply through PeopleAdmin
  • Submit the names of those candidates that you wish to interview to your DASA HR Partner.
  • Once you get the OK to proceed, you can conduct the interviews.
  • When interviews are done and you have picked your candidate, submit hiring proposal information to your DASA HR Partner. Be sure to include:
    • Name
    • Requested Start Date
    • Rate of Pay  (must be within advertised range)
    • Reference Check information – must contact two references and provide the name of the person, title, and company.
  • Once the Hiring proposal has been approved you will be notified to extend the offer
    • when the offer is accepted notify your HR Consultant and confirm salary and start date.
    • The candidate will be sent a background check link via email.  Please Ahead – background check could take two weeks or more.
    • You will be notified when the background check has cleared and the hire action is complete.
    • Onboarding Center will contact the new employee requesting an appointment to complete I-9, direct deposit, campus ID, etc.