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Mission and Vision

We Promote the Success of the Whole student.

In collaboration with our colleagues across campus, we prepare students to succeed academically, professionally and personally, to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning, and to become informed, engaged, and productive citizens.

We accomplish this by:

  • Building inclusive and diverse student communities that support active learning and personal and professional development.
  • Providing high-impact experiences and learning opportunities that promote intellectual growth, cultural and self-awareness, leadership, teamwork, and critical and creative thinking.
  • Providing residential environments that are safe, innovative, and that connect students deeply to life at the university.
  • Providing academic, cultural, health and recreational opportunities (both curricular and co-curricular) that support the development of well-rounded, informed and intellectually engaged leaders and citizens.
  • Providing advising, coaching, and tutoring services that empower students to be self-directed, lifelong learners. Contributing to student achievement by providing support to all faculty and staff as they develop new courses and curriculum, assess learning, and implement the General Education Program.

We accomplish our mission in a culture of excellence, characterized by the recruitment, development and retention of outstanding faculty and staff in the division, and through the employment of strategic partnerships, collaboration and leadership across campus in an environment of respect and integrity.