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Request a Journal Voucher (JV)

It is very important that transactions are posted correctly the first time.  This includes Purchase card reconciliations, voucher entry, marketplace orders, deposits, etc.  However, if an error is made and a transaction is not posted to the correct project and/or account you will need to request a journal voucher (JV) be processed to move the transaction.

To request a JV, you will need to complete the Journal Voucher Form and attach the Wolfpack Report showing the original transaction. Do not include copies of receipts, deposits, vouchers, etc.  If you are not moving the entire amount of the original transaction you will need to include an explanation as to why not. For example, if a Pcard receipt for a grocery store purchase was reconciled to 52205 and you later realize there were non-food items on it that need to be moved to 52900 you will write up the JV for just the amount of the non-food items but the WolfReport you include will show the amount of the original charge and therefore the two will not equal.  In cases such as these, you should include an explanation as to why you are only moving part of the original transaction to a new account.  You can write this explanation on the copy of the WolfReport.

The only time you should include a copy of an email is if you are requesting a JV to move all or part of an expense from one of your projects to another department’s project.  For instance Housing and UAB decide to share the expense for an event.  Housing takes the lead and pays the expenses and then after the event they submit a JV to move part of the expense to UAB’s project.  Included with the JV form should be the WolfReport showing the original charge and with an explanation written on it as to why the full expense isn’t being moved and a copy of an email from UAB  showing they approved paying a portion of the charge.

Once the form is complete and all documentation has been attached please scan to the Finance Office email

Please allow two weeks for your JV to be processed

If you have any questions on completing and submitting this form please contact the DASA Finance office for assistance.

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