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Fraudulent and Disputed Charges

Fraudulent Charge

A fraudulent charge is defined as a charge not initiated by the cardholder. When unauthorized or fraudulent charges appear on a p-card, call Bank of America immediately (888-449-2273) and they will inactivate the card and issue a new card. The bank will send a fraud statement to review, complete and sign.  It is important that this is done promptly or the bank will not issue a credit to offset the fraudulent charge.

Also, notify the Pcard administrator  ( your reconciler and the DASA Finance office ( so that they are aware of the situation when reviewing your Pcard charges.  Please note in the email that you have already notified the bank.

Disputed Charge

A disputed charge is one that you are aware of but you don’t agree with.  Example:  You made an online purchase from Snap It Company for $450 and you have a receipt for that amount, however when the charge posts to your credit card it is for $500

When disputed transactions occur, they must be addressed immediately.  Depending on the type of discrepancy, the vendor, the Pcard administrator and/or Bank of America will need to be involved in resolving the dispute.  The cardholder should make an effort to resolve the issue with the vendor prior to disputing the charge as the vendor might agree to correct the item/amount in dispute upon notification.

If the matter can not be rectified the cardholder will need to complete and fax the Business Card Claims Statement of Disputed Item Form to Bank of America at 888-678-6046.  Keep this form and upload it to your purchase card fraudulent charges.

When reconciling charges, even fraudulent ones need to be processed.

  • Reconcile the charge to “Other Supplies” (52900)
  • Upload the Disputed Item Form
  • Choose “Unauthorized Charge” from the “Business Purpose” drop-down menu
  • Notate in the comments box that the charge is fraudulent

Once the credits are received:

  • Reconcile the credit to the same project/account that the charge was reconciled to.
  • Note the original CPS# of the charge in the comments box and that this is the credit to offset the fraudulent charge.
  • Upload the Disputed Item Form or the paperwork received from BoA

Be sure to report any Fraudulent Charges to the Bank of America immediately.