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Group Travel

Employees traveling together

Employees traveling to a conference or other event with other employees will each submit their own individual travel authorization (and reimbursement if necessary) and they will choose “Individual” for the travel type, not “Team/Group”.

If employees will be traveling to their destination together one employee will have the transportation cost on their TA/TR and the others will note that they traveled with that employee.

Example: You shared a room with Jane Doe and she will be paying for room on her pcard, therefore you will not have a lodging expense on your Travel Authorization or Reimbursement.

If employees are sharing a room then the one who didn’t pay for the room should note the name and TA number of the person who paid for the room in the comments section next to lodging.

Employees traveling with non-employees (students)

If more than one employee is traveling with the students, one employee will need to be designated as the team leader for the students, and the remaining employees will each complete and submit their own “individual” travel authorization.

The employee who is to be designated as the team leader will also complete a Travel Authorization but they will choose “Team/Group” from the “Travel Type” drop down menu.

  • TA should include expenses for the group – total hotel, conference fees, etc.
  • Be sure comments are detailed and clear as to purpose of travel.
  • Include a roster of non-employees traveling with employee.  If one is not available note that in the “comments” section.  Prior to closing out the trip, a roster will need to be uploaded to either the TA or if one is being processed, the Travel Reimbursement.
  • Non-resident aliens must complete an AP-104 form and it must be uploaded along with roster to the TA.

It is assumed when processing a group travel TA in this manner that all expenses have been prepaid or will be paid for by the employee using their purchase card and that the students will not require any reimbursement at the conclusion of the trip. However, If meals will need to be purchased during the travel for the students then a travel advance equal to the per diem amount for each students may be requested prior to the trip. (Remember Pcards should not be used for meal purchase when in travel status)  The team leader will need to contact their Business Office prior to processing a Travel Authorization to discuss if this is an option.

Students who are traveling under an Employee’s Team/Group TA will not be eligible for reimbursement of any expenses.