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Hiring a Temporary Student Worker

In order to hire someone as a “student worker,” their primary purpose for being on campus must be as a student and they must be currently enrolled at least half time in a degree program at NC State.  (For summer hires they must have been enrolled during the previous spring semester and the upcoming fall semester.)  If you are unsure of their status contact your DASA Finance partner for assistance.

Once their status has been confirmed the department will need to complete a Student Personal Data Form. There is a form for each type of potential student employment – Visit DASA Finance.

The preferred method for completing these forms is electronic.

Be sure to fill in all the information.  Leaving fields blank could delay the processing of the forms and therefore the start date of the student worker.  If the student is being hired through the “Work-Study” program be sure to check “YES” on the Work-Study question and attach the “Voucher to Hire” form.

Submit the form to DASA Finance Office at least ONE WEEK prior to the requested start date. If the student’s job duties will require a background check, the form should be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the requested start date.

DASA Finance will contact the student and make an appointment for them to complete their I-9. Once the I-9 and the background check (if necessary) has been completed, the new hire action will be finalized and the student will be granted access to use the KABA timekeeping system.

Departments will be notified when all steps have been completed and that student is able to start work (and use timeclock) on their requested hire date.

If DASA Finance is unable to make the appointment to complete the I-9 by the day prior to the requested start date the department will be notified that there will be a delay.