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To hire EHRA and SHRA employees please contact your DASA HR Partner.

To hire Temporary Non-Student employees, please use the following guidelines.

Employment Verification – Public Service Loan Forgiveness

For employees that are submitting the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) form, complete the request form below. HRIM will send you a completed Employer Information page for you to submit along with the remainder of your application within 2 business days.

NC State PSLF request form

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Information

Other Employment Verification


All new EHRA, SHRA, and non-student temporary employees will receive an email from the University’s Onboarding Center to set up an appointment.  The Onboarding Center will help new employees navigate the many requirements of new employment such as getting a parking pass, signing up for direct deposit of their paycheck, and registering for benefits.

Performance Management

Effective April 1, 2016, UNC General Administration implemented a new SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy to align performance management practices amongst the University of North Carolina System institutions. The new SHRA Performance Appraisal Program places emphasis on both institutional goals and individual goals while streamlining the content of the performance plan, standardizing the categories for evaluation, increasing the accuracy and defensibility of performance ratings, and promoting effective communication between employees and supervisors. The new policy and program applies to all SHRA probationary, time-limited and permanent, and career status employees. This policy does not apply to temporary employees. The university will implement the new SHRA Performance Appraisal Program effective April 1, 2017, for the 2017-2018 performance cycle.

More information can be found on the university’s HR website.

Name and/or Address Changes

If you have a legal name change, you must visit the University Human Resources Office in the Administrative Services II building and meet with a Human Resources Information Management Specialist to make this change. You must bring your new Social Security card reflecting your new name along with photo identification. Once the name change has been verified then your name will be changed in the HR System.

To update your address, you will log into the MyPack Portal, click on For Faculty & Staff near the top of the page, then click on Personal Information in the Employee Self Service section. Click on Home and Mailing Address, then click on the pencil icon to edit your address, then save it.

To change your legal name in the Human Resources System bring your Social Security card to your DASA HR Partner or the University Human Resources Department.

Secondary Employment Certification

The university is considered the primary employer for employees who are subject to the State Human Resources Act (SHRA). Before an employee engages in secondary employment he/she must obtain approval from their unit manager and department head using the Secondary Employment Approval form.

Dual Employment

Dual Employment occurs when one state agency or university secures the services of an EHRA or SHRA employee of another state agency or university on a part-time, consulting or contractual basis. The State Budget Office, the State Human Resources Office, and NC State University are required to follow certain directives in the event of dual employment.

Adverse Weather

The UNC System Adverse Weather Policy went into effect on 1/1/2016. NC State University has its own Adverse Weather and Other Emergency Conditions Policy that our staff and faculty will follow. It is based on the UNC System’s policy. The chancellor has been given delegated authority to determine and announce all decisions to delay or cancel activities of the university related to adverse weather or other emergency conditions.

Note: Public announcements about closings or late openings applicable to other state agencies, or to other state employees, may not apply to NC State University or its employees.

More information can be found here.