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Lodging and Meals


  • You can not prepay for Lodging.
  • If you want to use a Non-Commerical Lodging Establishment (Airbnb, VRBO) you must request prior approval before departing on your trip. If you use Non-Commerical Lodging without prior approval and you use your purchase card to pay for it you may need to reimburse the University for the cost.


  • To be in “Travel Status” and be eligible for lodging & meal per diem your destination must be at least 35 miles from the University.
  • University “Purchase” cards should not be used for meal purchases when in Travel Status.  If you are eligible for meal reimbursement you will be paid at the per diem rate.
  • The “Begin” and “End” times on your Travel Reimbursement will determine your per Diem reimbursement.