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Executive Officer Request

Please take a moment to review the mandatory information needed before requesting an executive officer’s attendance at an event or function.

Required Information

  • Name of event
  • Date, start and end time 
  • Number of guests to be invited and expected to attend
  • Make up of guests (e.g. students, parents, faculty/staff, alumni, external, dignitaries, minors)
  • Location
  • Attire (e.g. business formal, business casual)
  • Event format (e.g. breakfast, presentation, seminar)
  • Goals and outcomes of the event
  • Funding source (e.g. unit, external, fee)
  • If it is considered an Advancement (fundraising) event
  • Will the chancellor’s name be used in printed materials
  • Will the chancellor be noted as host or co-host
  • Attendance of any other dignitaries
  • Are you requesting use of The Pointe
  • Tentative outline for the event – this will be a file upload and is required. We recommend you spend some time on this before starting the form.
  • Type of remarks (e.g. welcome remarks, major speech)
  • Contact person for remarks
  • Approval from DASA SLT member to submit the request