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Individual Travel

Overnight Travel

Employee traveling for another department

  • Travel Authorization will need to be initiated by Department that is paying.
  • Supervisor will need to be changed on TA
  • Project will need to be updated
  • Funding office for Department that is paying will need to be added as an ad Hoc approver

Day Trip

Mileage Only

  • When processing the TA choose “Mileage Only” in the Travel Type box.
  • If no TA was processed prior to travel, you can process a “Mileage Only” Travel Reimbursement after the trip by choosing “Mileage Only ” in the Travel Type box.

No Reimbursement Needed

  • If no reimbursement is needed after a trip is complete the employee will need to go into the TA and check the “No reimbursement required” box in order to close the TA.  Otherwise the TA will remain open.