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Reconciling Monthly Charges

It is the responsibility of the Purchase Card Reconciler to review each charge receipt for legibility and itemization and ensure that each transaction is accurately and completely documented.  Reconcilers should also reconcile transactions throughout the billing cycle so as to avoid having to rush to make the monthly deadline.  Rushing to reconcile charges usually leads to charges being reconciled to the wrong project or account resulting in additional work to adjust the error. Deadlines for reconciling that billing cycle’s transactions are posted each month on the DASA Finance Office calendar.

Reconcilers:  To access the purchase cards you have reconciling responsibility for log into MyPack Portal and navigate to Main Menu > Financial Systems > Procurement > NCSU Card Center > Pcard Center.  This page will include a list of your cardholders.  In the left-hand column titled “More Information” click on the down arrow next to “Select Action” for the person whose transactions you want to review/reconcile. Choose “reconcile” and click “Go”.  You should now see a list of the cardholder’s unreconciled transactions.  Be sure to only reconcile those charges that the Pcard holder has uploaded and matched the receipt to and that has the information in the “comments” box that you need to reconcile the charge.  If there are unmatched receipts and charges without receipts contact the Pcard holder and ask them to match the receipts to the charges so that you can reconcile.

Prior to reconciling the charge each receipt and a corresponding comment box will need to be reviewed for the items listed on the Pcard reconciling checklist. Once you have confirmed that all necessary back up has been uploaded and you have the information you need to correctly reconcile the charge you are ready to reconcile.

If the default project and account number are correct then you just need to check the “reconcile” box and save.  If the project or account number needs to be changed, you can change it and then save.

*Be Careful – once you reconcile a transaction and it posts overnight to Wolf Reports it can not be changed. If the transaction was just reconciled and needs to be adjusted the reconciler can unreconcile the transaction by navigating to Reconcile Transactions and searching for transaction with the Name, Card Issuer, Billing Date, and Transaction Status of “reconciled”. Once you have looked up the transaction, select the check box to unreconcile it and save. Then refresh your Card Center. The transaction will now be able to be edited again and reconciled at a later time.

Reconciling each transaction is only part of the Reconcilers responsibility.

A few days after the deadline for reconciling transactions has passed that month’s statement will be ready for routing for approval.  Do a final review of all charges to confirm that all receipts were matched and are legible.  Then “route” the statement.  It will automatically route to the Pcard holder for review and approval.  Once done, the statement will then “route” to the supervisor for review and final approval.  The three approvals must be completed by the end of the monthly statement cycle.

Note: If the statement includes any charges for food then the reconciler may need to add the department head as an “ad hoc” approver unless the department head is also the pcard holder’s supervisor, in which case they are already in the workflow routing.

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