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Request a new rate/charge or request a change to an existing rate/charge

All revenue collected by departments, whether it be a charge to a student, another department or an outside individual or entity, must be approved prior to collection. This would include registration for a conference, tickets for an event, trip fees, material or supply fees, uniform charges, advertising, and other miscellaneous charges. It would also include funds received for poster sales, book royalties, and contractual agreements. Departments are required to complete an Approved Rate & Charge request form prior to collecting the funds. It is acceptable to request a range for the amount as long as the range is reasonable.

Example:  Your department is going to be selling tickets for events throughout the year and you are going to be charging three different amounts depending on whether the ticket is for a student ($5) , for an employee ($10)  or for the general public ($15). Instead of completing a form for each rate,  you would only need to complete one form and put the range ( $5 – $15) in the amount section. However if you are going to have a series of Conferences throughout the year and for one conference the registration range is from $100 – $300 and the range for another conference is $800 – $1200 then you would need to do a request for each conference, not one request with a range of $100 – $1200.

Not sure if you can do one request or if you need to break them out?  Contact your DASA Finance partner for assistance.

Note – When you are considering whether to charge a rate for an activity, be aware that it may result in having to update the trust fund authority or request a new trust fund in which to deposit funds. Not all projects allow deposits of outside funds. Trust funds changes and new fund requests require university-level review and can take weeks to process.

Deadlines for new rate requests or changes for current rates are as follows:

August 1st – for Fall programs and activities

December 1st – for SPRING programs and activities

April 1st – for SUMMER programs and activities

Click here for a list of all existing DASA Approved Rates & Charges

Already have an existing approved rate/charge but need to change it? Use the Approved Rate & Charge change form.