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The NC State Brand

The NC State brand is more than a logo. Our brand is the sum of everything we do — from solution-driven education, research, and scholarship to the work that supports and sustains our efforts in the classroom and the lab. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs fits seamlessly into the “Think and Do” mentality of NC State and our visual and written representations should reflect that.


The division has an approved logo that comes in various configurations. If you need a different color combination or layout than the ones listed below, please email

Email signatures

Graphic Design

Visual representations of your unit help distinguish it from other entities on campus. Our design team can help you develop that unique look that falls within the NC State brand guidelines. Submit a project request to get started.



Want to try LucidPress? Email us!

PowerPoint Templates

Billboard Templates

Table Tents

Social Media

Social media is the main communication tool for most of our students. The division has a social media team that can help you determine which social media channels are most beneficial to your unit and provide you with tools and tips to be effective.


Choosing the right photograph for your website or printed material can make or break a design. Check out the photo resources below or submit a project request if you need a photo taken.