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Awards for Excellence – Nomination FAQ’s

Why should I nominate a colleague?

Because this is the most prestigious honor bestowed upon non-faculty employees. Winners at the division or college level receive eight hours of paid time off and $250. DASA winners are recognized at the NC State Awards for Excellence ceremony and will be considered for the university level award, which goes to twelve individuals. Those twelve recipients are then submitted for consideration for the Governor’s Awards for Excellence.

What is the deadline for nominations?

The firm deadline for nominations is Friday, February 25th (by 5PM). However, there are other opportunities to recognize a colleague. Pride of the Wolfpack nominations will be accepted in the fall, stay tuned for deadlines later in the year. You can also nominate a colleague for a DASA Star Award at any time. Note that student employees are also eligible for DASA Star Awards.

How do I make sure my nomination receives strong consideration?

  1. Check Eligibility – Only non-faculty SHRA and EHRA employees are eligible. Additionally, DASA Senior Leadership Team members are not eligible. Please contact DASA HR if you need to confirm eligibility.
  2. Select the Right Category – Eligible employees can only be nominated in one category. Make sure that the written nomination clearly explains how the nominee has excelled in the selected category.
  3. Be Specific – Although you may want to share a little background and general information about your colleague, the best nominations really describe how the nominee’s actions are tied to the category selected and the impact of their work and commitment.
  4. Follow the Rules – Nominations are limited to two pages,. It is advisable to use both pages because a single page probably won’t provide enough information. Remember that you know the nominee, but the committee probably doesn’t. Make sure you are succinct but descriptive because your words are the only way the committee will know the nominee and their efforts. DASA winners will then compete at the university level and that is a different review process. All they have to go by is the written nomination, so your words matter!
  5. Be Prepared – We recommend you write out your nomination in advance because the system used by University HR only allows you to submit a nomination one time, you can’t make any edits after it is submitted.
  6. Don’t Be Late – Nominations are due by 5 PM on Friday, February 25th. DASA HR is happy to review submissions in advance and make suggestions. We just can’t write it for you. Please contact Laura deFreitas or Beth Buck with questions.