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Proper Documentation Requirements

Expenditure documentation should provide sufficient background information to respond to the following:

  • Why – explain the business purpose of the transaction
  • When – verify that the transaction date is legible on the receipt
  • Who and Where – when the expenditure has the appearance of “personal benefit” (refreshment, entertainment, etc) a list of the persons attending is required as well as the location of the event.

Additional documentation requirements – for the following types of expenditures, the receipt is not enough:

  • Membership dues for individuals require approval of the Director, Dean or Vice Chancellor
  • Alcoholic beverage purchases require a Dean’s or equivalent signature to authorize the purchase.

Receipt for each transaction:  A legible and itemized receipt from the vendor is required and must include the following information:

  • Vendor Name and Address
  • Date of Order
  • Itemized description of items purchased
  • Quantity of each item and unit price
  • Shipping charges and shipping address (must be official University address)
  • Total of the order

For Travel charges, such as airfare and lodging

  • Airline charge receipt must include the name of the traveler, details of the travel such as dates, flight numbers and destination city, name of airline and amount of ticket
  • For Lodging be sure the receipt shows the name and address of the Hotel and a detail of charges by day.

For Food purchases you will also need:

  • All Food purchases require a detailed receipt showing exactly what was purchased.   If there was a tip added to the total and the amounts charged to the pcard differs from the amount on the detailed receipt, then you will also need to upload the credit card receipt showing the tip and the total amount of the charge.
  • A list of attendees, if twenty or less, or the number of attendees written on the receipt if more than twenty.   If using a card scan system at a student event,  please upload the entire list regardless of the number of attendees.
  • A copy of the marketing material  used – this could be an event flyer, a copy of an event calendar, a Facebook post, etc.

Exception:  The only exception to the documentation rule is the “International Transaction fee” which is a bank fee for out-of-country currency conversion.  Attach the original vendor receipt to this transaction, referencing the transaction number of the International transaction fee on the receipt.