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Technology Purchasing


DASA Tech’s goal is to ensure that departments and staff in DASA have the technology resources they need to function efficiently and effectively. Towards that end, DASA Tech manages all technology purchasing for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs and coordinates closely with the DASA Finance team. More information about who buys what can be found at the bottom of this page. This includes:

  • Hardware (including but not limited to computers, monitors, tablets, mobile phones, mounted displays, servers, printers, scanners, plotters, telephones, projectors, etc.)
  • Software (including but not limited to operating systems, productivity suites such as Microsoft Office, design applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud products, special applications for specific department needs, cloud-based software as a service, university brand fonts, etc.)
  • Services (including but not limited to Wolf Copy and off-campus printing/copying contracts, telephony and other ComTech services, hardware installations, cloud-based “software as a service” applications, cellular services, ClassTech services, any services related to facility modifications and new construction, etc.)

This protocol ensures that the items purchased:

  • Will be purchased at the lowest possible pricing by
    • using existing higher education, state government, UNC system, and university contracts / licensing agreements.
    • when possible, partnering with other units with similar needs for lower pricing.
  • DASA Tech will properly configure it for use by the department.
  • Will be entered into DASA Tech’s asset management system, which is used both for daily support and strategic technology planning and budgeting.
  • DASA Tech will ensure the device(s) work within the university’s technical environment.
  • Are compliant with state, UNC System, and university technology purchasing protocols (approved vendors, state and system contracts, etc.).
  • Are compliant with the university’s data security standards.
  • Are compliant with the university’s accessibility standards.


  • All DASA staff and departments are expected to follow the protocols below for technology purchasing.
  • DASA Finance reviews all Marketplace and PCard purchases and will notify the unit director and DASA Tech of any purchases that do not follow this protocol.
  • Using a Purchase Card for any technology purchase that does not follow these protocols may result in the suspension PCard usage.
  • Following the technology purchasing protocols will ensure that DASA Technology and Finance handle regulatory and policy compliance.


Please consult your strategic partner about which solutions best fit your needs. DASA Tech maintains an inventory of loaner equipment which may allow you to test out different products.

For smaller “consumable” items, the department may purchase them independently. DASA Technology is, of course, happy to assist in purchasing this equipment. Still, many departments want to independently complete these small-dollar and generally disposable technology purchases.


Please consult your strategic partner about which solutions best fit your needs. There may already be enterprise-level pricing available; if not, we will help research available options and make recommendations.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud products are restricted to those with a marketing and communications role pending approval by DASA Marketing & Communications. Please complete this form if you believe you meet the requirements for obtaining a Creative Cloud license.
  • Any software for which there is not already a state, system, or university contract must be reviewed by OIT for both accessibility and data security compliance. DASA Tech facilitates this process with OIT. Please allow 2-4 weeks for most software, but if the software will handle HIPAA data, credit card, or biometric data, please allow 6-8 weeks for complete review.
  • The University Purchasing Office will not approve software purchases of $5,000 or more until the accessibility and security review is approved.


Please consult your strategic partner about which solutions best fit your needs.

  • DASA Tech maintains a Verizon contract for all cellular services. If you need a device with cellular service, please discuss it with your strategic partner. The use of cellular services requires compliance with the Mobile Communication Device policy.
  • DASA Tech is the primary point of contact with WolfCopy (and outside vendors who provide similar services). It will work with you to determine the best options for your department’s needs.
  • DASA Tech serves as the primary contact for ComTech; this includes phone and business communications, networking, web conferencing, and collaboration.
  • DASA Tech serves as the primary contact for ClassTech and approved vendors (Clark-Powell, Whitlock, and others) for technology installations related to classrooms and conference rooms.
  • DASA Tech works closely with DASA Facilities and Maintenance on the technical aspect of all renovations and new construction.

New Contracts

All contracts for hardware, software, or services must follow this protocol. This includes contract renewal as the terms of the contract or the services may have changed. We also have many systems that require the OIT review of accessibility and data security through the IT Purchase Compliance Process.

  1. Department consults with the strategic partner as early as possible to discuss the department’s needs.
  2. Once a product is selected, the department submits a request to
  3. For software purchases, DASA Tech launches the OIT IT Purchase Compliance process; if the unit is fairly certain that the product will be purchased, this can be started early, provided technical details, and a technical contact are available from the vendor.
  4. For purchases $5,000 and over:
    • DASA Tech will review the contract and provide feedback to the department (and Purchasing and Legal as needed) regarding the terms.
    • Department submits the DASA Large Purchase Requisition Request to DASA Finance.
    • DASA Tech will forward the OIT approval to the department for software purchases to include other materials for the requisition.
  5. For purchases under $5,000:
    • DASA Tech will review the contract and provide feedback to the department regarding the terms.
    • For software purchases, DASA Tech will forward the OIT approval to the department to include other materials for the purchase.
    • The department will complete the purchase.

Who Purchases What?

This section provides guidance on who purchases the various types of technology:

DASA Technology Services Must Purchase

DASA Technology must purchase the devices listed below. To initiate a purchase, please email, and a DASA Technology staff member will be in touch shortly.

LaptopsDell and Apple manufacturers only.*
DesktopsDell and Apple manufacturers only.
TabletsApple iPad only.**
Smart PhonesVerizon Wireless carrier-compatible phones
WiFi HotspotsVerizon Wireless
Desk PhonesContracted through Office of Information Technology ComTech group
MonitorsDell and Apple manufacturers only.
Television / Wall-Mounted Large Monitor (Digital Signage)Your DASA Tech Strategic Partner will coordinate with you on specific needs.
Digital Signage ComputerYour DASA Tech Strategic Partner will help coordinate this purchase as makes/models may vary at the time of purchase.
Classroom Digital Learning OrchestrationThis includes wall panels, touch panels for lectern use, projectors, audio enhancement, and program-specific device needs.
Conference Room Videocoferencing EquipmentYour DASA Tech Strategic Partner will be happy to help pick the right technology for your objectives and the conference space where it will be deployed.
AppleTVThe only University-approved digital streaming player device that meets the Endpoint Protection Standard is currently the AppleTV. Please coordinate with your Strategic Partner to order because these devices are centrally managed before deployment.
Docking StationsYour DASA Strategic Partner will coordinate with you on specific needs.
PrintersUSB-Connected, networking only in cases where WolfCopy/Print services are not available or required by regulatory policy, state statute, or institutional policy.
External DrivesThis includes portable hard drives and desk-sized or thumb drive USB devices. USB drives present a significant security risk, and DASA Technology may be able to offer a more convenient, secure, and compliant alternative!
Magnetic Card SwipesOnly certain makes/models will work with the WolfSwipe software DASA Technology developed. To ensure the best compatibility, we will support these purchases.
Other network (WiFi and/or wired) enabled devicesPlease coordinate with your DASA Strategic Partner. All network-enabled devices must go through a security review, and some may require coordination with the Office of Information Technology’s Communications Technology group to ensure network compatibility.
* An exception can be requested if an accommodation is necessary to meet assistive technology needs for documented medical conditions. Please work with your DASA Tech Strategic Partner.
** Unless a vendor-specific implementation requires something different.

DASA Departments May Purchase

Departments are welcome to purchase any of the following technology-related items independently, but DASA Technology Strategic Partners will be happy to make the purchase if requested.

NOTE: If you don’t see the item category you would like to purchase on either list, please contact your DASA Tech Strategic Partner to discuss this further!

Printer SuppliesCabling, toner cartridges, specialty papers, or foils.
Keyboards & MiceKeyboards and mice that are USB or Bluetooth are acceptable in addition to wired devices.
USB AdaptersHMDI, VGA, MicroSD Storage, and Display Port adapters for various USB configurations.
Power AccessoriesExtension cables, surge protectors, desktop-sized battery backup devices, and additional power bricks as long as they’re Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.
Ethernet (network) CablesVarious lengths in assorted colors are available from Marketplace, but ensure that you purchase cat5e or cat6 cables with RJ45 connectors on both ends.
Smart Phone Cases and Accessories
Tablet Cases and AccessoriesIncluding keyboards, mice, power adapters, and display adapters.
Desktop-sized SpeakersUSB or Bluetooth speakers. For larger event speakers or classroom audio enhancement, please work with your DASA Technology Strategic Partner.