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Flexible Work Arrangements

Visit University HR's FWA resources page for more information.

Who is Eligible for Flexible Work?


Flexible work guidelines at NC State specify the following:

  • SHRA, EHRA non-faculty, SAAO Tier I and Tier II, full-time and part-time, probationary, and time-limited employees.
  • EHRA faculty are subject to the provisions outlined in their contracts and/or their statement of faculty responsibilities.
  • Review the Flexible Work Arrangements regulation for a comprehensive list and details on eligibility. This regulation went into effect on October 1, 2021.

Factors to be considered by supervisors:

  • What are the operational needs of the university and the work unit related to this position?
  • Does the position require a high level of in-person contact or physical presence to perform the job effectively?
  • Does the position function as part of a team that requires consistent working hours for all team members?
  • Does the position require significant in-person communication with anyone?
  • Does the position require high on-site visibility to perform the job effectively?
  • Are there time, location or protocol restrictions on how the position’s work must be performed?
  • Does the schedule result in continued or increased work productivity for the employee, the manager and/or the work unit?
  • What is the position’s degree of autonomy and independence?
  • Can any required work-related data or files be accessed in a secure and confidential manner from a remote work location?

Best Practices

Employees who are utilizing flexible work arrangements should make sure they communicate effectively through their email signature and voicemail message. Resources for remote work meetings and email are available.

Additional Resources


Manager Resources provided by DASA Human Resources (updated October 2021)