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Visitors to Campus Travel

This is the process for when you have a prospective employee or other visitor traveling to the university for an interview, workshop, etc.

The first thing you will need is a Travel Authorization – this should be done before any travel is booked. Since the visitor is not an employee of the university you will not use the Travel System to complete the authorization. Instead you need one of the following:

  • A letter or email (from the Department Head) inviting the prospective employee to campus to interview.
  • A written agreement/contract with a consultant that includes the specifics of expenses covered for travel to campus.
  • Or the department can choose to complete an AP104 – Non Employee Travel Authorization form with all appropriate signatures.

Once you have one of these signed by the Department Head you can book the travel. The preferred method is to book the hotel and airfare (if applicable) using a university purchase card. However, if the visitor prefers to book their own travel and be reimbursed that is allowable. You will need to instruct them as to what you will need to process the reimbursement such as a detailed receipt for the airline tickets – a confirmation or boarding pass is not acceptable. If they don’t provide detailed receipts they will not be able to be reimbursed.

Even if you use a Pcard for their main expenses, they may require reimbursement for things like mileage, parking, a taxi, a meal, etc. You will need to set up the visitor as a vendor in the vendor system. Search for the name of the vendor in the Supplier Center in MyPack Portal then click “Add One Time Supplier”. You can then proceed to set them up as a vendor. The visitor will need to supply receipts to be reimbursed.

Note: If the visitor is a non-resident alien you will need to contact International Taxation to determine if you can pay the visitor’s expenses.

After they have been set up as a vendor and you have their detailed receipts:

  1. Go to the Travel Center
  2. Under “New Reimbursements” click on “Create Reimbursement for Another”
  3. Enter the Vendor ID
  4. Process the Travel Reimbursement
  5. Upload the Travel Authorization (invitation to campus, contract, or AP104) and the itinerary for the trip as back up.

Be sure to include the visitor’s itinerary on any reimbursement request and also upload a copy to any pcard charges related to their travel.

*Remember you are still required to follow state travel requirements which means per diem for any meals that need to be reimbursed (no receipt necessary), mileage reimbursement at the state rate, etc.  Also, subsistence and transportation is limited to the in-state rate for a maximum of three days (5 if one is a Saturday).