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About Us

Who We Are

What We Do

Our mission is to provide strategic, integrated, reliable, and secure technology solutions in alignment with, and support of, the division and its strategic goals.

We provide on-demand and proactive support for university-owned technology devices and university-approved software in additional to ensuring the servers and systems that support these tools are well managed.


  • DASA Tech will provide strategic integration of technology into the operations of the division and each of its units.
  • DASA Tech will maintain a sustainable, secure, compliant, robust and scalable technology infrastructure that ensures an efficient and consistent technology experience for all users.
  • DASA Tech will provide leadership for the efficient and effective use of technology through education, training, and communication of best practices.
  • DASA Tech will provide timely and efficient support in response to help requests, service requests and other activities impacting daily operations.
  • DASA Tech will effectively communicate its operations, processes, and available resources to users.

How We Do It

Each unit has a Technology Services Partner assigned to it. Each member of the tech team is tasked with understanding the organizations they support — their mission, how they function, their organizational structure, and the corresponding technical needs. Our hope is that units embrace them as valuable partners for your team, thus allowing us to truly anticipate needs, participate in planning, and more efficiently respond to help requests.

Embedded, strategic support only works if you have a back-up plan. That’s why each member of our tech team has a designated back-up technology professional, and that person gets several hours of training in the back-up area each semester. Protocols are in place to ensure that we can handle both planned and un-planned absences, resulting in minimal bumps in support when someone is out. This also provides on-going professional development for our team.

We are your one-stop shop for anything and everything technology related, from beginning to end. If we can’t solve the issue ourselves, we will consult with others as needed. If we have to put your problem into someone else’s hands, we’ll do that with a soft hand-off, continue to check in on the progress, and follow-up afterwards to make sure the issue is truly solved.

Documentation is at the core of operation. It underpins cross-support, best practices in security, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Supporting existing technology is not enough. We strive to understand your business processes and how new technology can make measurable changes to your organization and how you service students.

Our success depends on partnerships across campus — with the units with support in DASA, with the many units with the Office of Information Technology (OIT), with Distance Education Learning Technology Applications (DELTA), Campus Enterprises, the Libraries, and with the tech operations in the various colleges that provide some services that we use.