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Guide for New Employees

Welcome to the Division of Academic and Student Affairs Finance Department 

Resources available to you as a new employee in the division:

  1. Identify the DASA Finance Partner for your unit. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself.  
  2. Join the DASA Business Support Staff group for monthly meetings and to connect with colleagues.
  3. Visit and bookmark the DASA Finance website as your go-to resource for all things Finance.
  4. Utilize the university’s Finance Division Knowledge Base to search by topic and learn more about various Finance topics.  

Supervisors of New Employees

Prior to your new employee’s start date, complete and submit the DASA Employee Action Notification (DEAN) form. This form allows you to request various levels of access for your new employee, including p-cards, marketplace, travel, and security/systems access.  

General Finance Overview

DASA Finance 101 Training is recommended for all new staff. Sign up via REPORTER.
Some of the items covered in this class are:

  • What is an OUC and why is it important?
  • Where does DASA’s funding come from? 
  • Purchasing Guidelines – what can and can’t be purchased?

Finance General Knowledge: What ALL Employees Should Know

  • As state employees, we must abide by all state, federal and university guidelines including Spending Guidelines, Trust Fund Guidelines, and all other laws, policies and guidelines.
  • The university is exempt from paying North Carolina Sales Tax; it is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure they are not charged sales tax on any and all transactions. 
  • Food purchases for employees (including student employees) are generally not allowed, with very limited exceptions. Make sure you confirm allowability before purchasing any food. 
  • Large purchases of $5,000 or more (to the same vendor in a 12-month period) require a purchase order and in many cases, require participation in a public bidding process. 
  • All contracts with outside vendors must be submitted for university-level review, approval and signature BEFORE you engage in any activity. Any payment to an individual requires a contract PRIOR TO initiation of service.    
  • All overnight Travel requires an approved travel authorization PRIOR TO any travel-related purchases being made (airline tickets, conference registration, etc.).  
  • Any Rate or Charge for a good or service can not be charged or collected without prior approval. 

Finance Hot Topics