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Cardholder Leaving University/Department

Upon notification of a cardholder’s pending departure, start communicating with the cardholder on the following:

  • Request the cardholder to stop purchases at least one week prior to departure to allow time for charges to post and receipts to be uploaded and matched.
  • Follow up on any needed documentation or receipts for existing charges.
  • If available, route and have the employee approve the statement prior to departure.

Once charges will no longer need to be made or on the last day of employment with the department the reconciler will need to:

If the employee is no longer working in the department when the statement cycle ends, the reconciler will need to route the statement (after confirming all required documentation is attached to each charge) and then notify DASA Finance that a proxy cardholder needs to be assigned. DASA Finance will initiate the proxy request and complete the statement approval process.

  • Enter an inactivation request via the MyPack Portal Card Center.
  • Ensure the card is destroyed.