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Communications Protocol for Student Deaths

This protocol is for the sensitive and appropriate chain of communication within the university about the deaths of enrolled students.

University employees who become aware of the death of an NC State student should complete this form as soon as possible. This form is linked through MyPack Portal. If you have trouble accessing the form through the link above, log into MyPack Portal, select the Faculty/Staff tab at the top, then select the DASA Resources link on the left under Campus Resources. Only university employees will be able to access this form.

Submitting the form will transmit the necessary information to the Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA), which will verify that the death has occurred and initiate the appropriate protocols.  These protocols are assigned to specific officials and University offices, and only those charged with such responsibilities should carry them out.

In the case of a student death occurring on campus or otherwise where university employees are the first responders, internal protocols developed by units such as Campus Police and University Housing will be implemented.

In all cases, the next of kin will be contacted by DASA staff to offer support and guidance to the family and friends. These individuals are responsible for the on-going response to the family. DASA staff may also be involved in providing support to other students, faculty, and staff in dealing with the loss of a student.

University offices and officials that will be notified include:

  • Chancellor
  • Provost
  • Dean of the student’s college
  • Associate Dean of the student’s college
  • Department Head of the student’s major(s)
  • Graduate School
  • Counseling Center and Prevention Services
  • Enrollment Management and Services
  • Office of Information Technology – Security and Compliance
  • Student Leadership and Engagement
  • Student Conduct
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • University Cashier and Student Accounts Office
  • University Housing
  • Student Health Services
  • Transportation
  • News Services
  • Campus Police
  • Student Publications Office
  • NC State University Libraries
  • Campus Enterprises
  • Counseling Center

Any questions regarding this protocol should be directed to Justine Hollingshead at