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Paying Temporary Workers

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to review and approve all temporary employees (student and non-student) hours for payment by the deadline each pay period. Failure to approve hours will result in the employee not being paid for those hours. Federal labor laws require that employees who are paid hourly are paid within two weeks of the end of the pay period in which they worked the hours, therefore not approving the hours by the deadline each pay period would result in the university being out of compliance with federal labor laws.

If you are a new supervisor and would like to set up training time for learning how to approve time and correct exceptions, please send an email to

If you are going to be out of the office and will not have access to the internet and will therefore be unable to approve your worker’s time contact the Finance Office PRIOR to your departure to make arrangements for getting the time approved and the temporary worker paid on time. The Finance Office can not approve the time in your absence without prior communication since we can not confirm that these punches are correct.


All temporary workers who are paid for their time on an hourly basis must punch in and out using the WolfTime Collection System. There are two options:

  • Web Clock – able to punch in/out from any computer or Mobile Device
  • Wall Clock – uses ID badge to punch in and out at Wall Clock

If an employee misses a punch he/she is responsible for notifying their supervisor, in writing, of the punch that was missed. The supervisor must then enter that punch into the electronic timesheet. Whenever a supervisor enters or changes any time on the electronic timesheet a Missed Punch Log must be completed and submitted to the Finance Office by that Payroll’s deadline.

Flat Rate

In certain circumstances, you may request to pay someone a flat amount for work that they are performing for your department. If you think that you have someone that qualifies to be paid as a “flat rate” you will need to complete a Flat Rate Request Form and submit it to the DASA Finance Office for review.