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In order to shop on the Marketplace, employees must take the Marketplace class offered by Purchasing. To check the schedule and sign up for the class go to REPORTER and search on keyword “Marketplace”. Once the class has been completed the employee’s supervisor will need to send an email to DASA Finance and request shopper access to be granted.  Include the employee’s name, employee ID, and six-digit OUC.

When placing a Marketplace order:

  • Include information regarding the order in the “Approval Justification” section of the “Checkout – Review and Submit” page.   This could include the name and date of the event the items you are ordering are for or that it is a general office supply order.
  •  While on the “Checkout – Review and Submit” page check the project and account number “assigned’ to each item you are ordering BEFORE you submit the order for approval. The project is determined by what you have set up as your default on the “My Profile” page in Marketplace, however you have the option of changing the project on an item by item basis when placing the order.  The account number is determined by a code that has been assigned to each item by the vendor that is then interpreted by the Marketplace system and an expense account is assigned based on that code.  Unfortunately, the account code assigned is wrong about 30% of the time and it needs to be manually changed before the order is submitted.

It is important for you, the Marketplace Shopper, to check both the project and the expense account before submitting the order for approval – to ensure that the charges for your order are charged to the correct project and expense account and that additional steps to adjust an incorrect posting are not necessary.

For those Marketplace shoppers that are not familiar with the process to check the project and the account number here is are step by step instructions that include the most common “supply” account numbers (90% of all Marketplace orders fall into this expense category) as well as a link to the Chart of Accounts, which is a complete listing of all expense accounts.

Please contact your departmental bookkeeper or the DASA Finance Office for assistance.