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Working With the Media

To help facilitate media requests and ensure that our response is consistent, accurate, fair and timely, contact us when media reaches out to you.

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs has a broad reach across NC State’s campus. As such, experts in our division are often called on by campus, local, and national media. This guide will help you determine the steps you need to take when approached by the media and how the division will collect those stories to share broadly, when appropriate. You can find all articles with mentions of the division or our staff on the DASA News site.

What if I’m contacted by the media?

  1. Loop in the DASA director for marketing and communications (Justin Hammond, 5-7983) with as much information as you can provide (find out the reporter’s name, who they are with, the story they are covering, what their deadline is, and when they plan on airing/publishing the story.) 
  2. Justin works directly with university news services to determine if a response is necessary. If so, he will reach out to you and let you know it’s ok to proceed.
  3. If it’s appropriate for you to speak with the reporter, you can consult with DASA or University Communications beforehand with any questions or for best practices when speaking to the media.
  4. Share a link with Justin once the story has been aired or published.

Keep these things in mind

  • You can share your own personal experience.
  • You cannot speak on behalf of the university or division without consulting Justin.
  • Reporters will often reach out to several sources but should go through news services.
  • Many requests from news outlets are to cover something positive. 
  • Just because you were contacted doesn’t mean you have to speak to the reporter. You may not be the best spokesperson for a given topic. DASA and University Communications will help determine if a response is necessary and who is the best fit to speak on the topic.
  • Often stories are time-sensitive. The sooner you loop in the communications team, the more likely our experts will be used in a story.
  • NC State is a public campus, and members of the media can be in public spaces (outside on campus, in buildings like Talley, inside classroom building public areas, etc.)
  • Members of the media cannot enter classrooms, private offices, or residence halls without expressed permission from a university employee. If someone asks to enter a space like this, please contact Justin for assistance. Members of the media can, and often will, talk to students about current events on campus, etc. 
  • University news services offers media training to those who often interface with the media. Work with Justin to set up a training.
  • We are lucky to have strong student media outlets on campus. Be flexible and understanding with our student reporters.