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Interview Questions: Diversity and Inclusion

When planning interview questions, search committees should always include questions around diversity for the purpose of seeking cultural competence and equity in our staff and faculty. 

A list of sample questions for search committees to consider is listed here. Please contact your DASA HR Partner for guidance.

  • Explain how diversity has played a role in your career and contributed to who you are today.
  • What is your vision of a university that fully embraces diversity and inclusion?
  • What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity and inclusion and how would you apply your commitment in DASA?
  • What role has diversity played in shaping your teaching/counseling/advising styles?
  • As a higher education professional, what work have you done in promoting diversity and inclusion?
  • How have you handled situations where a colleague was not accepting of someone else’s diversity?
  • What have you done to further your knowledge about diversity and inclusion?  How have you included diversity in your professional development? How have you demonstrated what you have learned?
  • How would you work to create a campus environment that is welcoming and inclusive?
  • What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity?  How have you demonstrated that commitment?
  • When interacting with a person from a different culture than your own, how do you ensure that communication is effective?
  • What opportunities have you had working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings?