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Posting a Video

You can upload the video to Youtube, either to a personal account (YouTube is an available application under your NC State Google account), the NC State YouTube channel, or the DASA YouTube channel. If you post a video to your personal channel or the NC State channel, please send a message to Justin Hammond so that we are aware of your video and can favorite it on the DASA YouTube Channel.

To submit a video to the NCSU youtube channel, follow the instructions that they have on their website.

If your video has any spoken words, you MUST upload a transcript for ADA compliance.  This is a federally mandated regulation with which we must comply. The voice recognition transcript that YouTube provides is NOT sufficient.

If you are submitting your video to the NCSU YouTube channel, you will submit the transcript through this form. Refer to the OIT accessibility closed captioning guide for more information.

The closed captioning guide has an e-mail address you can use to get a list of transcription services.  In addition, you may use Roger’s Word Service.