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Employee Instructions for PAL Form


Due to COVID-19, the UNC System has temporarily granted the use of paid administrative leave for the period of March 16 to March 31, 2020 for the following reasons:

  • Childcare or eldercare needs due to COVID-19-related facility closings
  • Sickness due to symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID-19.
  • Caring for a dependent with symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID-19
  • Cannot work remotely because your position duties cannot be performed remotely and reasonable alternate work is not feasible or productive.
  • The employee is high risk for COVID-19 infection

For timekeeping purposes and tracking requirements for the UNC System, we are required to record the use and reasons for paid administrative leave during this period. Covered Employees/Student Workers: University Human Resources has created a form to record the use of paid administrative leave.The form should be completed by the following employees/workers:

  • Permanent employees (full-time and part-time).
  • Temporary employees.
  • Student Workers/work-study students.
  • Graduate students.
  • Postdocs.


  • The form should be completed for each day the employee/worker is requesting paid administrative leave. Supervisors, leave coordinators or other designated department employees can also submit the form.
  • Enter the following information on the form:
    • Employee name.
    • Employee ID.
    • Employee type.
    • Date leave taken.
    • Reason for paid administrative leave.
    • Number of paid administrative leave hours taken for that day. Please note that paid administrative leave hours cannot exceed 40 hours per week.
    • Supervisor’s name.
  • Once this form is completed, click submit and the form will route to the designated leave coordinator for your college, division or unit, with a copy to your HR representative/lead for processing.