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Setting Up a New Vendor

To set up a new vendor you will need to have the vendor complete a W-9 form and an ACH enrollment form (can be found on the Controller’s website). Once you have these forms you can start the process to set up the vendor in the Accounts Payable system. Go to:

MyPack Portal > Main Menu > Financials Systems > Vouchers & Vendor Maintenance > Vendor Center. Click on “Add Vendor” and then choose “Supplier.

Note: If you are trying to enter a voucher for an Employee or a Student contact the DASA Finance Office for assistance.

  • Enter the name of the vendor as it appears on the W-9. Do not enter any punctuation in this field.  Select “Add”
  • Complete the rest of the required information
  • Check the box that says “I have verified that this information is correct” and then select “Submit for Approval”

You will get an email with the request “ID” and will be directed to the “Request Details and Documentation” page.

You will need to upload the required documentation by selecting the “Upload Document” button. Upload the required documentation (ACH enrollment form and W-9) in separate attachments. Click “Complete Request” You will then be directed back to the main page of the Vendor Center. You can review the status of the vendors you have requested in the “Recent Requests” box.

Once Accounts Payable approves the request you will receive an email notification with the new vendor ID. You can then enter a voucher for payment.

Helpful Link: Vendor Center User Guide

From University Controller’s office (October 2017)  Supplier Center Documentation Processing

Note: Payment by direct deposit is not immediate since Accounts Payable “pre-notes” all bank accounts.  This can take several days.  A voucher entered for priority payment during this time will be paid by check, not direct deposit.