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Requesting a Priority Payment

Requesting a Priority Payment

When entering a voucher the you need processed immediately you will need to do the following:

  • Change the default Payment Terms from NH (Normal Handling) to NOW (Priority)
  • Notate in the comments section that this is a Priority Payment and put the date the you need it paid by
    • Be sure to add this under the “Routing Summary” tab in the box labeled “Comments”.

Example: Priority Payment Requested – payment needs to be received by XX/XX/XX

If you need a check printed so you can pick it up, you will change the Payment Handling to PU (pick-up)

    • In the comments box, you also need to write “Please contact (your name) when check is ready for pick up along with your email and phone number and the “Priority Payment requested by XX/XX/XX” from above.

Example – Priority Payment Requested – need check by XX/XX/XX. Please contactl Jane Doe at when check is ready for pick up.