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DASA Semester Kickoff group photo - Talley Student Union

DASA Reimagined: Our Strategic Plan

We envision a future in which we unlock opportunity at NC State through equitable access to supportive, enriching and enlightening higher education experiences for all.

The vision at the heart of our strategic plan—DASA Reimagined—strengthens the connection among all of our roles and responsibilities and will guide our work for the strategic term 2022-2028. It is a vision that can bring us closer together in all our diversity to work in concert toward a shared future. It is a vision that puts our students’ and our community’s needs at the very center of the work we do every day, both individually and together.

The Plan Process

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs engaged Tidal Equality in July 2021 to begin our new strategic planning process. While this was the official beginning, the groundwork for feedback from our faculty, staff and students began well before through a leadership listening tour, engagement surveys, and internal communication surveys.

Tidal Equality then held several listening tours in the fall of 2021, engaging 170 faculty and staff. They also solicited feedback through a survey later in 2021. Finally, Tidal engaged with the division using their Wave® strategic-design methodology in spring of 2022 through three planning sessions where faculty and staff were invited to participate.

The official launch of the strategic plan begins in the fall of 2022 and runs through 2028.