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Processing an Invoice for Payment

Processing an Invoice for Payment

Departments are responsible for entering invoices into the Voucher system in a timely manner.  All invoices should be received, entered, approved and paid within 30 days of the invoice date.  In order to allow enough time for the voucher to be approved and paid in a timely manner invoices should be entered into the voucher system within 14 days of the date of the invoice.  If an invoice is being entered more than 14 days from the invoice date please enter the reason for the late entry in the voucher’s comment section.

Before entering an invoice into the Accounts Payable voucher system you will need to know the vendor number, as well as the project and account number you wish to charge the expense to. Once you have this information you can follow these step by step instructions for entering a voucher.

Start off by navigating to the Voucher Entry screen in MyPack Portal:

MyPack Portal>Voucher Center Tile>Invoice Entry

Once you are on this screen:

    • On the “Add a New Value” tab, enter the information in the following fields:
      • Vendor ID
      • Address Sequence Number – click the magnifying glass to review all the addresses for your vendor – it is VERY important to make sure the address you choose matches the address on the invoice.
      • Invoice Number – number on the invoice
      • Invoice Date – date on the invoice
      • Gross Invoice Amount (you can add freight amount if needed)
      • Payment Handling (NH-Normal Handling, PU-Pick up)
    • Click ‘Add’
    • This will bring you to the Invoice Information tab. Make sure the information you entered on the previous screen pulled correctly.
    • You will add information to the following fields:
      • Pay Terms – Net 30, Net 10, etc.
      • Goods/Services Received Date (or select Prepaid/Refunds if it applies)
    • In the box labeled ‘Invoice Lines’, you will add to the following fields:
      • Category ID
        • 888SP- Small Purchases <$5000 (used most frequently)
        • 99925 – Performing Artist
        • 99911 – Advertising
    • Description – what this voucher is for
    • Speed Type Key – Project #
    • Account – the account this invoice should be applied to

If you need to add any notes (if the invoice was received late, if you will be picking up the check, etc.), click on the Routing Summary tab at the top, and add your notes in the box labeled Comments.

Back on the Invoice Information Tab, once everything has been entered correctly, you will click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the screen. This will generate your Voucher ID (at the top of the page).

On your invoice attachment – you will use the Invoice Verification stamp, and fill out the fields on the stamp – Voucher #, Invoice Received date, Goods/Services Received date.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a box that says “Print Barcode”. You will click on that, and print out the sheet with the barcode.

You will then need to scan the invoice into the voucher system:

  • Take the sheet with the barcode and put it in front of your invoice when you scan it into the voucher system.
  • On the Copy Machine, you will follow these instructions:
    • Press Menu Button (Display screen will appear)
    • Select Scan/Fax
    • Select Program
    • Select Voucher Scan
    • Press Recall
    • Press Start

You will receive an email once the invoice has uploaded. After receiving this email, you will need to go back into the Voucher to Submit for approval:

  • Financial Systems>Vouchers & Vendor Maintenance>Voucher Entry>Find an Existing Value>Enter the Voucher ID

Once the Voucher pulls up, make sure the invoice uploaded correctly and legibly by clicking on the Invoice Image tab at the top. You will see the attachment listed under file name.

After reviewing the attachment, if everything else looks good you will click on the Invoice Information tab and scroll down and click the small box that says ‘Submit for Approval’

If a voucher is denied either correct it (if possible) and resubmit or close it.  If you do nothing the voucher will continue to show up as an expense on your financial statement.

Questions on this process?  Call your business office for assistance.