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Strategic Plan Definition of Terms

The terms outlined below will be referenced during the strategic planning process. To reflect and be responsive to the emerging insights from Tidal Equality's work with the division, some of this terminology may evolve.

DASA Strategic Plan

Document for the division to guide work and decision-making. It will include:

  • A vision statement, a mission statement and a set of values
  • 3-5 strategic priorities

DEIB Strategic Plan

This plan provides a strategic narrative for equity work at DASA and highlights key areas for action. It will:

  • Align to the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of the DASA Strategic Plan.
  • Provide a set of 3-5 strategic priorities.
  • Move the needle on equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging issues.
  • Sometimes referred to as a “DEIB strategy”.

Cultural Charter

A document that will identify behavioral aspirations for DASA.

Cultural Insights Report

Document produced by Tidal Equality that captures insights from the Listening Visits and the responses to the Anonymous Qualitative Insights Questionnaire.

  • Will provide important cultural context to the strategic plan, DEIB strategic plan, and cultural charter.

Anonymous Qualitative Insights Questionnaire

Sometimes shortened to “Insights Questionnaire” or “Qualitative Insights Questionnaire”, it is a questionnaire that will be designed by Tidal Equality (with feedback from the PPFT), deployed, and analyzed by Tidal. The analysis will inform:

  • The Cultural Insights Report
  • The design of a unique Wave® for strategic-designed focus groups