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DASA Reimagined

We envision a future in which we unlock opportunity at NC State through equitable access to supportive, enriching, and enlightening higher education experiences for all.

About Our Strategic Plan

The vision at the heart of our strategic plan—DASA Reimagined—strengthens the connection among all of our roles and responsibilities and will guide our work for the strategic term 2022-2028. It is a vision that can bring us closer together in all our diversity to work in concert toward a shared future. It’s a vision that puts our students’ and our community’s needs at the very center of the work we do every day, both individually and together.

The pandemic has highlighted the persistent inequities that are experienced in our communities, as well as the mental health challenges that have deepened through this difficult time for students, staff, and faculty alike. This time has also shown us the enormous potential we have to pull together to solve big problems and reimagine how we work for the future. It will take all of us, across roles, departments, responsibilities, backgrounds, and identities, to bring our vision and strategic plan to life. It will require the shaping of new partnerships across the broader NC State community, throughout our state, across the country, and perhaps even around the world.

About Co-creating Our Strategic Plan

This strategic plan was developed throughout 2021 and early 2022. Work on the strategic plan began just over a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic and during an extended period of challenging circumstances for students, staff, faculty, and communities alike.

The pandemic presented a difficult period for us all, but especially for those among us who are historically most disadvantaged. This difficult time showcased the enormous strength and ingenuity embodied in the people of our division. During this challenging time, we built new muscles in terms of our collective ability to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of students, faculty and staff.

This experience demonstrates how we can work proactively and creatively to better meet the needs of our students, staff, and faculty. Institutions that are not nimble or creative enough to shift to a new paradigm in a crisis may not survive, or at least may quickly decline in their relevance to the communities they serve. At DASA, we need to build creativity and nimbleness into our renewed foundations to grow flexibly, inventively, intentionally, and sustainably into the future.

In this context, all our staff, faculty, and a diversity of graduate students from across DASA were invited to share insights and design our new strategic plan as part of a participatory and equitable strategic design process called a Wave®. One hundred seventy individuals participated in Listening Sessions, 187 people participated in the Qualitative Insights Questionnaire and 114 people participated in the Wave®. These stakeholders also contributed to the ideas that now make up our aligned Culture Charter.

The process ensured that a diversity of voices and perspectives shaped the strategic plan outlined below. We are grateful to all those who invested their time and energy in participating in this process. This strategic plan will form a strong connection across all our roles and responsibilities and will, therefore, be of deep relevance and resonance with our work across DASA and NC State for years to come.

Our Strategic Plan – DASA Reimagined


To unlock opportunity through equitable access to supportive, enriching, and transformative higher education experiences for all.


At our core, we promote the success of the whole student. We anticipate and respond to the needs of all NC State students and intentionally co-create an equitable and inclusive campus environment and academic experience that supports students, faculty and staff in achieving their full potential.


Curiosity, Empathy, Collaboration, Equity and Accessibility, Integrity, Trust

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal One

Be consistently and intentionally student-centered – center student needs and diverse voices in the design of equitable services and supports, academics, experiential learning, and enrichment experiences.

Goal Two

Grow a culture of innovation and collaboration – create a healthy, collaborative culture—driven by our values and through intentional relationship-building—that unites diverse departments, individuals, disciplines, and roles across DASA and NC State, so that each of us and the students we serve have an equal opportunity to thrive and achieve excellence together.

Goal Three

Prioritize well-being and mental health – hone strategic focus, reduce unnecessary actions and activities, and ensure workloads are fairly and equitably distributed across diverse teams and team members so we can focus on what’s important to the benefit of our DASA colleagues and the students we serve.

Goal Four

Embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in everything we do – act on our new diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals in our everyday work and decision-making so our colleagues and our students have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential.