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HR Expert Tips: Manager Dashboard

Supervisors have quick and easy access to information about their direct reports at any time, without even reaching out to DASA HR (but we are happy to provide guidance).

You can use the Manager Dashboard to:

  • Approve leave or submit leave on behalf of a direct report
  • Review separation information
  • Review job actions and see the status of a new hire (Job Actions for My Employees)
  • Obtain emergency contact information for your employee (go to Direct Line Reports).

These are just some of the tools and resources available.  For example, Separation Monitor lists any direct reports that have separated in the past 7 days or anyone who will separate within the next three weeks.  This information can be used to review student employees and determine if you need to extend the separation date before the separation occurs.

More information about the Manager Dashboard is available or reach out to your DASA HR partner with questions. 

HR Expert Tips is a series of informative posts where members of the DASA HR team share their favorite tips with DASA faculty and staff. Please reach out to your DASA HR partner with questions. Thanks to Teresa Peters-Sneed for this tip!

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