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SHRA Off-Cycle Interim Reviews

As we approach the midpoint for the 2018-2019 SHRA performance appraisal cycle, supervisors are reminded that now is the time to plan for off-cycle interim reviews.  Interim reviews are strongly encouraged for all employees for the purpose of reviewing goals, assessing progress, and clarifying expectations.  Interim reviews should be completed by November 14, 2018.

Interim performance reviews must be completed for employees who:

  • Received any rating of “1-not meeting expectations” on their last annual performance appraisal (for the plan year ending 2018). This includes a rating of a “1” on any individual or institutional goal or overall rating of not meeting expectations.
  • Have any active disciplinary actions.

As a reminder, supervisors can perform off-cycle reviews as needed throughout the year.

Probationary Reviews:  New SHRA employees within their first 12 months of employment must receive quarterly off-cycle reviews.

Please contact DASA Human Resources with questions about off-cycle reviews.