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HR Feature

Celebrating Milestones

2020 Service Award Winners Announced

A number of employees in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs were recognized for years of service milestones in 2020. Please join DASA Human Resources in thanking the following individuals for their years of service.

William Johnson, Housing Facilities

Bridget Yarborough Hartsfield, Career Development Center

Justine Hollingshead, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean

Regina Royster, University Housing

Christine Scherer, Housing Facilities

Barbie Windom, Academic Success Center

Carrie Zelna, Academic Success

Louis Bastawros, Housing Facilities

Zachary Cook, DASA Tech Services

Katherine Fuller, Ticket Central

Wyona Goodwin, Disability Resource Office

Jacqueline Holmes, Counseling Services

Nikki Hunter, Student Health Services

Delmous Ingram, Jr., Career Development Center

Betsy Kaplan, University Housing

Thomas Martin, Disability Resource Office

Alice Perry, Student Health Services

Martha Wicker, Exploratory Studies

Anne Auten, University Honors Program

Maria Crockett, Academic Support Program for Student Athletes

Laura deFreitas, DASA Human Resources

Abinadi Ehrisman, Housing Facilities

George Girgis, Housing Facilities

Katie Graham, Academic Support Program for Student Athletes

Nicole Peterson, DASA Development

Michael SanCartier, Wellness and Recreation

Melissa Green, Student Leadership and Engagement

Thomas Hardiman, Student Conduct

Tyrone Jenkins, Jr., Wellness and Recreation

Andrew Korhonen, University Theatre

Roger Manley, Gregg Museum

Cassandra McIntyre, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Natasha O’Daniel, Student Health Services

Neil Park, Housing Facilities

Laura Parker, University Theatre

Tammy Rose, Counseling Services

Rebecca Sitton, Disability Resource Office

Christopher Avery, Housing Facilities

Darrius Barrow, Student Involvement

Alison Brim, Student Health Services

Emilie Buzhardt, Wellness and Recreation

Michael Cherry, Residence Life

Marina Cline, Counseling Services

Hilary Cork, DASA Finance

Judith Corsi-Kimble, Wellness and Recreation

Cody Creech, Housing Facilities

Gwendolynne Grace, Exploratory Studies

Stefanie Guarinello, Student Health Services

Erin Heiser, Wellness and Recreation

Jose Arnoldo Hernandez Leon, Housing Facilities

Maureen Hession, Student Health Services

Rich Holly, Arts NC State

James Jennings, Housing Facilities

Rose Jerome, Prevention Services

Genna Martella, New Student Program

Sarah May, University Scholars Program

Kelly McConkey, Counseling Services

Kimtrinh Nguyen-Dinh, Counseling Services

Jeffrey Parks, Counseling Services

La’Toya Reed, TRIO Programas

Trenton Schorey, DASA Tech Services

Dawn Speas, TRIO Programs

Chanel Spencer, University Housing

Cyndi Turner, Student Health Services

Michael Velez, DASA Tech Services