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Telework Tips from DASA Colleagues

As faculty and staff across the Division of Academic and Student Affairs adjust to working from home, DASA HR asked them to share advice on how to adjust to our new normal.  While a number of telework resources have been provided, some DASA colleagues were willing to share what’s working for them.

Chris Ashwell, PhD – Professor of Animal Genomics and Director of Undergraduate Research

Daily check-ins with the “team” is incredibly beneficial to maintain community, call it a huddle or daily high-five or whatever. Do a 30-minute Zoom, it’s worth it.

Rebekah Dunstan – Rural Outreach Coordinator, Rural Works!
  • Keep a normal schedule: Go to bed/wake up at the same time as if I’m going into the office, shower, get dressed, breakfast, sit down at the computer to start work.
  • Create a designated “workspace” in my apartment.
  • Set daily to do list (sometimes my list includes calling a friend or going for a walk) and track what I’ve completed.
  • Schedule zoom lunch dates with colleagues to maintain social interaction.
  • Agree on guidelines for working from home with your partner such as set work hours, using headphones, and keeping work and personal time separate.  
Jes Coggins – Community Director, University Housing is a website that lets you make flipbooks of content to share with people (a similar service to Canva). If you have a lot of infographics or info you want to share with people, this gives templates that makes it really easy to create and distribute. I use it to not only disperse wellness information to students, but to create recognition activities for my staff members since we can’t really create congratulations or thank you cards for people to physically sign and write notes on. Since we work in education and everything we do is moved virtually we qualify for a free classroom service plan. It’s easy and free to set up.

Beth Buck – Assistant Vice Chancellor, DASA Human Resources

Some time outside each day is a must, even if it’s just a 10-minute break in my backyard. I have an Eno hammock and that is now getting regular use so I can have a mental break.  Family walks with our dog are good for all of us! Taking time to plan my day (I use a paper planner and Google Calendar) gives me a sense of control, even though I need to be especially flexible right now.   

Have an idea to share with your colleague? Please send to Beth Buck at Many thanks to all who took the time to share their ideas with their DASA colleagues!