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COI Disclosure Deadline is 10/27

The annual Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure process is now underway.  Following is information about this important and mandatory process:

  • Who must file a COI disclosure?  All EHRA employees, including all faculty, EHRA professionals, and Postdoctoral Scholars.  SHRA staff and graduate assistants who are paid from a sponsored project must also file.  Individuals in these categories are required to file for compliance with University regulations.  Covered employees have received an email from Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS).
  • When is the deadline?  October 27, 2017 is the deadline for filing a COI disclosure for the period of 8/16/17 – 8/15/18.  New employees have 30 calendar days from date of hire to complete their COI disclosure.
  • How can I get more information about the COI process?  New online education modules are now available.  While it is not mandatory to review the training, it is highly encouraged.  Individuals who do not complete the COI process by the deadline may be required to complete the online training.

You may access the online COI form here.  Questions?  Please see Frequently Asked Questions and/or the COI Help Guide.  Beth Buck in DASA Human Resources is available if you have specific questions regarding reporting.