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Higher ed marketers answer the question: What keeps you up at night?

Last week I went to the American Marketing Association’s Higher Education Marketing Symposium in Austin, Texas. The exhibit hall featured many great companies vying for our attention, but one stood out. VisionPoint Marketing out of Raleigh had a booth that asked the question:

What higher ed marketing challenge keeps you up at night?

I answered that my biggest challenge was effectively communicating with students once they arrive on campus. There were many answers but they all basically fit into one of five different categories:

  1. Culture, Organization and Governance
  2. Brand and Messaging
  3. Marketing and Content Strategy
  4. Resources
  5. Social Media

Check out their blog post about some of the answers the received and follow up in the coming months. They’ll be posting helpful tips to address some of the biggest challenges we as higher ed marketers face.