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Request Access to Enterprise Systems (SAR Actions)

Department heads or their designees can request access for departmental employees to enterprise systems as detailed below.

Systems Requiring a System Access Request (SAR) Action

Below are the systems that require a System Access Request (SAR) action:

  • Financial Systems
    • Advance
    • Financial91
    • Report2Web
  • Human Resource Systems
    • Web Leave
    • Human Resources
  • Academic Systems
    • ClassEval Department Head Role
    • Student Information System
    • Student Success GPS
  • Other Systems
    • Maxient
    • Onbase

How to Request a SAR Action

  1. All requests for access to the systems listed below should be sent to and include:
    • Employee name
    • 9-digit ID #
    • System(s) for which access is being requested (FIN, HR, SIS, etc)
    • OUC number for the employee’s department
    • Specific roles and/or functions needed in the system; it is helpful to provide an example of other staff in the unit with the same access that is being requested – please give both name and 9-digit ID # for example.
    • A brief explanation of the request (a new employee who is an advisor, new duties for the employee, etc).
  2. Various staff in DASA Business Administration and DASA Tech will review the request, then initiate the SAR action and process the DASA approvals. This internal process may take 1-2 business days for each of the two steps within DASA (initiation and approval), meaning that it may take up to a week from the time the department submits the request until it has completed DASA approvals and is forwarded to other approvers on campus.
  3. Once processed by DASA Business Administration, SAR actions will then go through the usual additional approvals by other offices on campus (typically the data stewards for the FIN, HR, and Student systems).
  4. The department and individual user for whom access was requested will be notified via email once all approvals are complete and the access has been granted.