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Home Use Protocol for Equipment

DASA may allow individual users to check out computer equipment to conduct university business at home.

  • Directors and department heads that authorize home use of computers and other equipment must collect and maintain a signed Home/Portable Use Authorization Form.
  • Computers and other items that are checked out to users for home-use are the property of the university and are subject to the Computer Use Policy and Computer Use Regulation. In particular, DASA employees should be aware of
    • The parameters of personal use of university computers
    • The expectations of privacy regarding personal files
    • Also, please note that DASA Tech is not responsible for the maintenance or recovery of personal files.
  • Employees are responsible for
    • Proper care and use of all computers and peripheral equipment checked out to them.
    • Ensuring that the home-use equipment will work properly in their home. This includes ensuring that the equipment will work properly with their home networking solution (dialup, broadband, DSL, or otherwise); with their home electrical system; etc.
    • Problems affecting personal equipment that has been integrated with the home-use equipment.
    • Transporting the equipment from home to the appropriate DASA Tech office for repairs.
  • Requests for help should be sent to the appropriate Get Help email address; DASA Tech will make reasonable efforts to support home-use equipment, however, please note that help requests for home-use equipment will generally be considered a low priority request.
  • Problems with home equipment that arise as a result of improper use of the equipment, allowing other home users to improperly install or configure software; or mistreatment of the equipment is the responsibility of the user and are not subject to DASA Tech’s service, and may result in the revocation of the use of the equipment.